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When Vinu Malik first launched FUELBELT® in 1997, there were few companies competing in the hydration space. Back then, innovation took second place to sheer grit and endurance, inspiring Vinu to engineer a hydration aid by sewing together some webbing and bottles in the most streamlined way to minimize chafing and maximize comfort. In today’s competitive environment, where science determines the margins of advantage, athletes demand an uncompromising approach to hydration requirements:

They expect:

  • - Lightweight, unobstructive utility
  • - Reliable performance under tough conditions
  • - Comfortable and fashionable accessories

Implus Corporation proudly brings you the 2016 Helium Collection, the lightest hydration belts, handhelds and waistpacks available the world over. Weighing in at just a few ounces, this collection is high on style, function and reliability when it matters most – during training and racing.

FUELBELT® – the hydration brand asked for by name.