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STRENGTHTAPE® is a kinesiology athletic tape that can be used to support common injuries. Whether you are trying to come back from an injury, prevent an injury, or seeking an edge in performance, STRENGTHTAPE® can help.

STRENGTHTAPE® works by facilitating muscle and soft tissue healing and triggering your body’s natural painkillers without interfering with range of motion. Painful, inflamed muscles lack space because of swelling and inflammation. STRENGTHTAPE® works to create space by lifting the skin microscopically. This lifting effect helps to improve both lymph flow and microcirculation, which ultimately helps to cool overheated muscles and flush fluid and waste products away from injured areas. STRENGTHTAPE® also supports damaged muscles and tissues, which helps to relieve discomfort by reducing some of the pressure.

STRENGTHTAPE® is easy to apply. Check out step-by-step instructional videos to learn how to use it:

Intersocks Group is the official European distributor of Strengthtape products.