Intersocks Hurwits

Intersocks was founded in 1979 by Mr De Louis Hurwits. The company had its first premises in the Italian port city of Trieste. Due to high quality production, reliability and visionary approach, Intersocks has evolved into a leading high-tech hosiery developer and marketer. In 1994, the business moved to the province of Belluno, northern Italy. Today the main commercial and logistics centre is located in Kocevje, Slovenia, while the R&D continues to be based in Belluno, Italy. The company has numerous offices, agents and distributors throughout the world. Focus has been put on providing a total solution, vertically-integrated service to top-tier clients. In 2002, the Salomon sock production and distribution license was acquired, followed by other significant licenses and deals. Within the last 10 years, the business has expanded into distribution of general sportswear and accessories, and own retail. In 2009, the company opened its first branded outlet in Poland, which has since expanded to 10 stores in Poland alone.

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